What is an Imagination Classroom by Alejandro

An imagination classroom is a time and moment. We stopped, gather kids and everyone who is there, and just open the space for the Imagination to emerge. Is something non-lineal. We just help to stop and open the space, providing tools we have learned from older cultures, nature, life and magic.

Is a space where we want everybody to awake their own magic. In this space the only limit is the limit of our imagination. 

We want to awake the power to create our own reality. For that, we need to be able to imagine.

Maybe we launch the session by asking questions like:

‘What is imagination?’

For me imagination is the connection we have with the unknown, is the light, the creation, god, prana, energy however you want to call it. I would call imagination magic. And is what we all have also in common, what give us the power to create.

Space: lots of materials, colors, everywhere, recycled pieces of payper, cartons, tape, etc etc. Make the kids decorate the classrooms. Leaving a space in the middle with a circle of pillows or just circle to have this space to talk and express ourselves.

The class I can imagine now>

Kids enter to the space we choose. 

We introduce ourselves in a very creative way, can we also with the professors. Or the professors can introduce as and as the professors. 

Would ask if they know what imagination means, or how far can go the power of our imagination. Would create a story end up in the conclusion that imagination is our strongest gift and allow us to do “puffff” MAGIC.

All this in order to break the ice. Needs to be very creative. And then once they are engage would ask them to help us with decorating the classroom, “ USE YOUR IMAGINATION AND USE ALL THIS MATERIALS AND COLORS TO DECORATE THE PLACE.

After they decorate would ask them to create a space for a circle in the middle.

And would ask them why we choose a circle and let them know because we are ALL EQUAL.

Thats why we speak in circles, like our anscestors did. 

Then would try to make games and tasks where the focus is to make them have reflections about the world, and try to imagine a better world. How do you a imagine a better world is?

Also could play with > And what can we do to make this things happen?

Coming at one point that also one of the conclusions could be that little things make big changes. Each day little change changes the world.

We could create, storys, paintings, art, dreams, songs, music, professions, magic and ALCHEMIE.