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Content Starts 2nd year as Co-CEO at the beginning of the 10 year countdown

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As a 2nd year co-CEO at AIME, working alongside the founder Jack for the past two years has been a leadership journey. Jack founded AIME nearly 20 years ago with a mission to bring equity to traditionally marginalized communities. As an organization, we have also set a 10-year countdown to the intentional death of AIME. Jack made the keynote announcement at the HumanKind\/KindHuman Festival in Sydney (March 2023). This organizational death may sound counterintuitive to some, but it has been a driving force behind our work at AIME to move out of systems that only serve a few while other work hard to find a path of equality.

Working towards an intentional death of an organization means that we are focused on sustaining the organization and creating a lasting impact that outlasts the organization itself. It’s about creating a movement, not just a company. This philosophy has influenced me to begin working on a plan to bring the company I founded nearly 10 years ago,, to an intentional death strategy. We are excited to explore this path and essentially put ourselves out of business by serving traditionally under-represented leaders.

The 18-values of AIME have been a guiding light in making this shift in mindset. As a Black American woman born outside the margins of power, these values have given me a roadmap to shift toward equity and equality systematically. The values encourage us to embrace uncomfortable conversations, challenge our biases, and actively seek diverse perspectives. They are not just words on a page but a set of principles we strive to embody daily.

Working with Jack has taught me the importance of creating unlikely connections and working together for a purpose larger than ourselves. We have had to navigate challenges and overcome obstacles, but we always keep our eyes on the prize: creating a world where equity is the norm, not the exception.

As we work towards our intentional death at AIME, we focus on passing on the notes of our learning that will live long after the organization ends. We are investing in our team, building unlikely connections x 5 in our community partners, and amplifying the voices of those who have historically not been heard or seen.

At, I am committed to taking a similar approach. I want to create a movement that will live on beyond the organization itself. It’s not just about building a successful company but about creating a lasting impact that will shape the future for generations to come.

As we walk forward, working towards an intentional death of an organization may seem counterintuitive, but it’s a powerful way to create lasting change. The 18-values of AIME have been a guiding light for me in making this shift in mindset, and I am committed to continuing to embody these values as I work towards creating a world where equity and equality are the norms.

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