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Content Starts How do we make corporations more human…?

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As one of the biggest holders of power & influence on the planet, some of which are far bigger than many nation states, how have we given so much freedom and been so accepting that corporations are set up to operate like psychopaths; with absolutely no empathy, making decisions & actions without any consideration of the negative impacts to people & the planet (outside of what they are required by law to do in order to satisfy their legal governance structure)?

In recent years there has been in introduction of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which has now progressed to Environmental Social Governance (ESG) in an attempt to build more transparency and accountability into the internal processes and external impacts of corporations, however with shareholder economic value being the single biggest driver of decision making these frameworks will often get pushed to the side when push comes to shove and can in the worst case just be seen as ‘window dressing’.

In the last decade we have seen some positive progress in regards to many companies and entrepreneurs wanting to do things better and with the creation of the B-Corp accreditation model & campaigns like Pledge 1 this is becoming more easily accessible and achievable.

However with the social & environmental challenges that humans are currently facing on planet earth there is an urgent need for us as humans to demand more from these corporations that have run free, causing chaos, for way too long. But how can we do this?? And where are some of the answers to how we can do things better.

Well it actually feels like many of the answers have been staring us in the face for a long time…. Maybe instead of trying to innovate our way out of these challenges we should be looking backwards to see what has stood the test of time before any of these make believe structures were set up. Let’s have a look around us to uncover the secrets to how our beautiful planet, mother earth, has survived for so long, managing to survive treats & attacks for greater than anything us mere humans could cook up.

So maybe that’s the answer. To make corporations more human we actually need to make them more like nature…. At the very least it’s something interesting for us to explore… and so here in begins a beautiful journey of discovery.

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