Passing on the notes 

As I reflected on designing from and in relation to nature, I saw another pattern in the relational economy emerge. Hello Confusion!! I’m seeing this as an indicator for us/all to sit circle, recalibrate the maps, share the notes, and remember we’re here to share the pathway…. Not the produced song.

As we move into Fellowship Week, I want to remind myself about that point… We’re not producing the song, we are showing the pathway to change and finding ways to enjoy the process as we get into relation with each other. The produced song comes after that in the sequence, it’s the big story, the symphony. 


I got a bit confused in the nuance of the Fellowship design trying to work through some of the transition pieces, looking at the maps with the team helped me to see why Confusion walked in and took a seat at the table with me. It’s because we can’t (or shouldn’t) design those transition pieces without being in relation to the Fellows that are coming into the Lab, they need to be at the table too. It’s us/all that will map, design and move together. 


The webpage now reflects AIME as an Imagination Lab, displaying the mindset areas, projects, tools and blogs. It’s a digital representation of the Knowledge Tree that’s updated by us/all, it’s front-facing and transparent knowledge sharing, open sourced and showing the pathway.  

PROCESS: Ceremony for Lab research. 

We activate intelligence through…

  1. An imagination mindset. 
  2. UNCx5 – knowledge – activation, sharing and publishing.
  3. Mentor mindset to build relations. 
  4. Hoodie Economics – exchange flows
  5. System designers/ designing with and in relation to nature 

DESIGN: Ceremony for project design, development and implementation.

The projects and tools developed through this design frame stimulates/ activates knowledge. (specifically Indigenous Systems thinking// knowledges) and centres emergence as an impact tool and area of investment. The design frame allows us to map from the Professor’s perspective to the future, they are our totems. 

PROJECTS: Fellows/ Embassy/ 1M Pres workshops. 

We have key criteria for Schools, Uni’s and Organisations to be accredited by AIME and join us next year at the Humankind festival. As the criteria is met across the year by us/all research is developed in our Lab as a way to pass on the notes

Systems thinking and designing requires perspective shift between the zoom in and out. The Fellows journey, Embassy and 1M presidents workshops are visualised below in 3 different systems views. 

  1. The zoom in – Seeing Fellows as one thread/ pathway in the story
  2. The stack view – Visualising all projects as journeys.
  3. The zoom out – All the threads, the long story, the cloud. 

Seeing Fellows as one thread/ pathway in the story plus stack view: Here you can see the actions each Fellow will take across the year to achieve accreditation for University, Organisation and Schools. From here we can get grounded and begin to imagine what’s possible at scale as we zoom through the levels. 

IMPLEMENTATION: Seeing through a systemic lens

Zooming out can be a weird experience at first after being so close to the single threads but I also see this as another grounding point to recalibrate the maps before flying to the next perspective. It feels like magic when multiple threads start to come together, for a moment I get super clear with the vision. This clarity begins to get fuzzy when I focus on the single thread but that’s ok because the pay off is action, it’s implementing the plans on the maps so finding balance between these views is something to continuously consider. 

Once you’ve mapped your journey, you can go there… You suddenly get to see through layers and layers in the system and get an understanding of your place in it as you choose from and bring together infinite threads of connection every day – this is the song, one big symphony.

Until next time… Keep drafting, doing and sharing the notes friends 🙂