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Content Starts You’ve got mail #4 – Kindness History

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It took 13.8 billion years of cosmic history for the first human beings to arise, and we did so relatively recently: just 300,000 years ago. 99.998% of the time that passed since the Big Bang had no human beings at all; our entire species has only existed for the most recent 0.002% of the Universe.
0.002% of cosmic history to spread kindness.
By kind humans.
And we have only just begun.
We truly believe in this idea of kind humans.
That’s why we have spent over 6 years covering kindness.
Sometimes we need a gentle reminder that we are born kind.
With so much distraction it can be easy to lose our way.

There is a good deal of evidence that rather than being selfish, humans are actually born kind.

We have kindness genes. The most prominent of these is the gene for oxytocin.

Oxytocin makes us love more, cuddle more, and it makes us kind. It is one of our oldest genes, at around 500 million years young.

It causes mothers to love and care for their children, thus ensuring that they grow up and are able to reproduce themselves, thus carrying on the human species.

It also causes us to help each other, to work together for a common good.

So rather than being selfish, kindness is genetically ‘wired’ in us.

Our kind nature is deeply entrenched in us.

Soooooo, it’s time to shout out all the kind people around Australia to help us remember why we are born kind.

This Sunday we want to remind you what’s at our core by working with the Human Kind Festival in Sydney to

give away 3 day tickets to the full festival to kind humans

If you or someone in Sydney want to attend Human Kind 16-18 March click here.

That’s 3 days of 50+ world-class speakers, transformative experiences, keynote addresses, interactive workshops, pitch competitions, art installations, music showcases and so much more.

Let’s all turn this festival into the kindness gathering of people in the world!

—-Now, as a little kindness reminder—-

For so long now, have been working to put kindness at the centre of our daily lives and inspiring others to do the same.

Here is a 5 minutes gift to walk through our AIME’s kindness journey.

As you feel the warmth of kindness, come back to click through and gift a special person in your life a ticket to Human Kind.

For 6 years AIME has been sharing stories of kindness – you can catch all 100 of them here.
On July 7 2017, from Sunrise to Sunset, we lit up the nation with letters of kindness as AIME Hoodie Day delivered the love to everyday Australians.
In 2021 we sent 20 hoodies around the world to see how much kindness could be shared. Check out 1000’s of miles travelled and the hours and hours kindness achieved here (includes out full archive of Sunday kindness mailouts).
During Hoodie Day 2022 we asked our network for pledges of kindness and were blown away by hundreds of kind responses. See them all here.
Last year we kicked off the VIKP (Very Important Kind Person) concept. Go here to see over 300 kindness pledging people that got in the game to attend Listen Out, Beyond the Valley, Field Day and the RUFUS DU SOL Australian tour. This is also the same page that you can nominate your kind person to attend Human Kind 😉
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