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Content Starts You’ve got mail #3 – Human Kind VIKPs

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Call out to organisations to nominate VIKPs

(Very Important Kind People)

1000 tickets available

First past the post


Benjamin here from AIME with a personal message and challenge to spread kindness.

Can you imagine a festival where tickets are not only bought, but earned with acts acts of kindness?

Imagine the vibe as you walk through a sea of people who can not just afford to attend but there because they are kind.

The Human Kind Festival is making this a reality by releasing 1000 x 3 day tickets to the full festival happening March 16th – 18th at Luna Park, Sydney.

The first 1000 people nominated will get the tickets. First past the post.

We trust you. We trust humanity.


As you can imagine, tickets are moving pretty fast – make your move now!


So, this is me putting a challenge to organisations across Australia to connect up with me and talk about how we can find VIKPs in your network.

Do you have staff, clients, people you are supporting etc. who are in need of some vibes at Human Kindand just can’t make it work with $?

Let’s get em in the game, let’s make Human Kind the kindest festival in the world and leave a case study for festivals around the world to aspire to.

Hit me up

Send me an email at or just reply to this message.


Get straight in the game and nominate anyone by

clicking here.


This email is not me as a comms person – this is me as a human.

I just had the opportunity to nominate my Mum because she is a kindness machine and deserves some time hanging with other good humans.

This is what I added to her form.

“Mum has spent her whole life considering others’ needs before her own. From being a world-class Mum to the best preschool teacher going to volunteering with Orange Sky and Vinnies to now supporting young pregnant mums. All her life is dedicated towards acts of kindness for the world.”


Peace out


Design Studio Lead, AIME

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