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Content Starts You’ve Got Mail #2 – VIKP launch

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So we’ve been working with this crew Human Kind Festival – and today we release the biggest ever single batch of tickets to a festival in the world – for kind people, for very important kind people.

1000 x 3 day tickets to the full festival.

The first 1000 peeps nominated will get the tickets. First past the post. We trust you. We trust humanity.

To nominate a person to attend Human Kind in Sydney 16-18 March click here.


If you work in media land – we are no good at playing the media game… we’ve started to draft a press release…. wanna help us finish it?


Press release Draft

On the 1st March, the crew behind Human Kind and all of their speakers will be bombing the world with, kindness.

The Human Kind team alongside AIME are flipping the script on VIP model and calling on nominations of Very Important Kind People.

Jack Manning Bancroft, AIME CEO and Founder, says “Our economy is driven by where we place our attention, that’s what shapes value, the heroes we hold up, the people we let into the clubs, on March one as we make the stories of kindness the heroes around the world and reward a small crew of Very Important Kind People with tickets and an exclusive experience at Human Kind, we centre the heart of our species as the hero, our kindness.”

John Winning, Founder of Human Kind and CEO of Winning Group, says “The vision of the Human Kind summit is to help reshape our collective future, and kindness is at the centre of this vision. I am proud that together with AIME we are releasing 1000 Very Important Kind People tickets, to acknowledge people who spread kindness in the world. Through their imagination lab, AIME creates unlikely connections and uses the power of our Indigenous systems in Australia which are learnings going back 60,000 years which is hard to ignore and try to learn from, blend this with modern science and I can’t think of a better way to solve the challenges of our time. This aligns with my passion to help create a happier society and inspire people to use the ecosystems they have as force for good. We look forward to seeing the nominations and welcoming our VIKP to Human Kind.”

To become a VIKP head to


If you want Jack or one of our reps to talk about the VIKP release then lettuce know.

About AIME

Welcome to AIME. An Imagination lab to solve the challenges of our time. A place network driven by shared knowledge, helping us to create a healthier, kinder, fairer, more joyful world.

Our playground is centred around IMAGI-NATION{University} where wepass on the knowledge by openly sharing the process of how we solved some of these challenges.

Our {University} is centred around 5 Faculties of the Mind, 5 Mindset areas and we are led by The Professors who are here to activate our imagination.We have 10 years left as an organisation.

From March 2023 we start the clock on our intentional death date, so we can move towards relational health for the system, to shift systems, and leave behind tools and knowledge, that can create change and a healthier life on earth for all species, now and into the future.

About Human Kind

The future is not yet set. By bringing together the best ingredients of who we are, we can re-shape what lies ahead. For power does not lie with one, but with many. This is an immersive summit for the curious, the visionary, the bold and the good.

3 days, 50+ world-class speakers, transformative experiences, keynote addresses, interactive workshops, pitch competitions, art installations, music showcases, and more…


It’s cool to be kind

The AIME team

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