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Re-patterning your thinking is an uncomfortable practice and I believe being uncomfortable is an indicator that something different will happen. We know we can’t solve the problems of today with the same level of thinking that got us here so we need some different types of thinking and that happens when you re-pattern your behaviours. So let’s ride the train of thought around these loops for a bit and see what pops out.

When I think about some of the challenges that we face globally I find myself extremely uncomfortable, at times it’s too much to think about and I wanna tap out and go back to pretending I don’t see what’s happening. But I can’t, it’s impossible…

After 2 years at the {Uni} and one as the Vice Chancellor, I’ve felt like my learning journey took place on the world’s largest roller coaster, exhilarating, scary and fun all at the same time, dipping into unknown realms below the surface before shooting out above ground again. Majority of the time I stepped off with a smile on my face or laughing because I didn’t know what just happened but it felt good. 

My learning came in all forms, from developing relational connections with people around the world, listening to podcasts, re-reading Sand talk, and Hoodie Economics, being a mum… Throw in a couple of trips around waterfalls, looking into an ocean of bioluminescence and lots of late nights wondering with paintbrush in hand around the studio to round out the ride, and I suddenly feel like my ceiling of knowledge just turned into the floor while a new ceiling opens up in front of me.  This new ceiling allows me to see the huge expanse of things I don’t know, my perspective on systems change has had another focus adjustment and what I now see without a doubt is the world needs re-patterning and we need to do this yesterday.

How do you repattern the world? You embrace being uncomfortable, it will pass. You build unlikely relational networks so the answers to that question emerge. And you remain hopeful, we can do this, we’ve done this and will keep doing this for all time. 

One of the options on the menu of different types of thinking is Indigenous systems thinking, think of this as a doorway to knowledge in relation to just about anything you can think of, from the stars to the bottom of the ocean and all the space inbetween. This year at AIME we’ve kicked things off a little differently, we’ll all be members of the AIME IMAGINATION Lab to explore questions around systems change as we implement our projects. 

A common thread I see between our projects is we’re all building an environment for knowledge generation in relation to emerge (can we add this line to a song, feels like the beginning of a rap 🙂 


This little circle below is a draft on how we’ll build systems this year. We design, develop and implement while connecting in unlikely ways, leaving behind a design frame for others to pick up, expand upon and put into action. All the research knowledge generated will be published on the AIME website and at the end of 10 years when we turn off the lights it’ll remain as a gift to the world, a tool box to build your own relational networks to re-pattern the world. 

When you think about the circles of knowledge and action as drops of water, eventually they form a larger body of water. This body of water is our current-see, all flowing to the website so people can come fill up a cup and drink from it.. If they want to. 

We’ve been working through application design for Fellows to join us to keep building relational networks. In the first round we missed the mark on a few elements in the design frame 

1) Always start with knowledge, philosophy & mindset

2) When building questions move our thinking from Implementation 

3) How & when do we integrate the knowledge resources 

4) The process of ceremony at each stage is important

5) Build in the framework of ‘design, develop, implement’ into our process for getting this done 

I felt it that wasn’t ready when we sent it back and I needed more perspectives to get the flow going again. I was stuck when I found myself feeling weird for thinking “how do we change people’s thinking?” I realised that I don’t want to change people’s thinking, they are the only ones who should be allowed to do that. What I want to gift them are the tools to activate intelligence all around them and observe the outcomes as a participant in the learning environment created.

Now it feels like we’re ready, the flows and builds during Fellows design phase revealed some of the hidden opportunities tucked away deep within the layers of systems. One of the opportunities we see is over the next 6 months we work to transition our AIME Team from Staff to Fellows of IMAGI-NATION {University}. Our salaries become our scholarships. Together we work on knowledge and systems projects that change the world. 

IMAGI-NATION {University} is the Rocket ship. It is a lab to solve the challenges of our time, powered by AIME. Keep an eye out for an updated version coming soon with “Where’s Wally” (Or Waldo for our US friends) vibe. 

Show your work! Show you work! Choo Choo!

Our next phase is to keep building, build the environment for the nodes in the network to connect. Fellowship week is coming up fast, it’s emerging bit by bit like the sun in the morning over the horizon. 

The {Uni} team and I have kicked off our transitions, beginning to share and merge ideas while leaving space for the thing to build itself. We don’t have all the answers yet, they are deep within the system waiting to be rediscovered like little gems in the earth. 

We are in a self organising system of learning, there is no boss to tell you what you should learn, we all move in and around the environment and this shapes our own learning from each of our own unique perspectives. That is why it’s important that we centre and share knowledge. Knowledge generated in relation, not knowledge taken and used to drive unhealthy patterns in our behaviours. 

An invite to Fellowship week will be in your hands before the end of the week, from here we’ll swing over to the information centre and get your travel packs ready for your journey. 

Here is an offering, a couple of examples of stories from characters in our world who are transitioning to Fellowships this year

I’m truly looking forward to reconnecting with you all seeing what gems we can find together. Thanks for riding the train with me and watch your step as you disembark. See you again soon 🙂 

Drafts count  – 8ish (exhale) 

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