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Content Starts Friends Reforesting Alongside Us

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Since 2014, We Are Explorers have been building a community of modern-day explorers. Their purpose is to make the outdoors accessible for everyone, celebrate the beauty of the world, and inspire fulfilling and adventurous lives in connection with nature…

…and they are raising money for Operation Crayweed (but they only have 24 hours to go).

As we don’t own the notes, we share them, and pass them on, in relation…we wanted to share their campaign to grow as much seaweed as possible.

So buy a hoodie, support the We Are Explorers Crowdfunding Campaign or donate directly to Operation Crayweed.

Whatever you do, do it for a fairer, healthier, more joyful, kinder world.


check out the art and story that We Are Explorers put together below.

A good example of when you lead with a big story, a long story –  we can leave people and nature feeling whole.

Just like trees on the land, seaweed forms vast underwater forests that underpin coastal food webs, all while quietly capturing atmospheric carbon and producing precious oxygen.

The aim of OPERATION CRAYWEED is to bring crayweed back to reefs where it once flourished and to re-establish this essential habitat and food source for Sydney’s coastal marine biodiversity.

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