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Content Starts The launch of HUMAN\KIND/\\/KIND\HUMAN

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Today LIVE at the Sunrise Festival in Sydney, AIME Founder and CEO Jack Manning Bancroft officially launched HUMAN\KIND/\\/KIND\HUMAN.

On the 11TH November 2027, the world will come together for a day of HUMAN/KIND/\\/KIND\HUMAN to see how much Human Kindness can be generated in one day.

To permanently centre kindness at the heart of our local, national and global currencies.

To re-establish relational economies and build a world united by health in our relations.

This is when our current-sea will move in waves of give-give, receive-receive, and…

we will give-give without expecting anything in return and know it’s not a waste of time.

“How can I get involved” you ask???

Well…pledge some kindness…and then check out the wicked vibes below.



We are here to help you centre kindness at the heart of your festival and would love to hear from you on any ideas we can bring to life. Two of the core opportunities are below (but let’s yarn and see how we collab to share as much kindness as we can).

VIKP (Very Important Kind Person)
You’ve heard of a Very Important Person, well this is a Very Important KIND Person. Prospective festival-goers pledge their kindness and we vote to see who rocks it at the event.

Kindness/ReclAIMEd Shop
We pull up in the IMAGI-NATION{Embassy} (see below) and in 5 minutes we are all set up to sell our AIME ReclAIMEd fashion line and Kindness shop.

Check out some of the legends that have already signed up to walk this kindness journey with us.


The {Embassy} is the first of five that will travel the world on a journey to launch IMAGI-NATION in 2023.

The Australian {Embassy} is focused on HUMAN\KIND/\\/KIND\HUMAN and will be attending music festivals, hitting schools and connecting the network with a physical representation of IMAGI-NATION.

If you are interested in getting the {Embassy} to your school, festival or event get in touch and let’s jam.

Kindness Hoodies

The kindness hoodies started as a simple experiment to spread some kindness and we believe was the seed that sprouted HUMAN/KIND/\\/KIND\HUMAN.

The 20 hoodies have had quite the journey. Flowing across four continents and sharing over 1000 acts of kindness along the way.

Now it’s your turn to experience what it really means to give give and wear the hoodie for a week.

Apply to wear the hoodie today.

…and…please please please don’t forget to stay tuned for more adventures of H.OODIE. 

Next issue released in a few week’s time.

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