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Content Starts This Hoodie…Unlocks Global Ambassadors of Equality.

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Welcome back to Making of a Hoodie.

This episode weaves through conversations about what it means to be a Global Ambassador of Equality and how we pass down deep knowledge from one generation to the next. Jack Manning Bancroft digs deep into the critical conversations with Steph Beck, Eddie Uini, Nia Lewis, Menaka Wijesinha, Aston Hawkins-Nicholls, and Abby Prades.

We ask you to take off your shoes, find a quiet corner in nature, and feel the ground with your bare feet. Come with us as we lean into Indigenous systems thinking. What is a Global Ambassador of Equality? What is IMAGI-NATION{University}? And how can we change systems to leave a strong impact and lasting legacy for humanity?

The background image above is the work of Steph Beck. Artist, mother, mentor and Vice-chancellor of IMAGI-NATION{University}. 

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