2022 IMAGI-NATION{University} Launch

Jane Goodall helps launch IMAGI-NATION {University) for 2022

“So many problems to solve today, we’re in a mess. And so often people just take one aspect and yes they’ve solved it, they can do this but then again and again, and again, solving that problem leads to another problem. So you need to have the imagination to think, well if I solve this, what might that do to the ecosystem, to create another problem? And then how would I solve that?”

The Jane Goodall interview with Jack and Hope was streamed as part of the IMAGI-NATION {University} O’Week 2022

Last week we launched O’Week for IMAGI-NATION {University}.

Three beautiful days where 191 Global Ambassadors of Equality from over 30 countries came together to meet, talk and inspire the change that we all want to see.

This is just the beginning of a foundational journey for our Ambassadors as they dig into the {University} knowledge and build out their change projects for 2022.