Failure Time Mailout launch

What is Failure time @ AIME?

Have you ever failed? 

Part of the balance of learning is actually being able to remove the shackles of outcomes and to explore, to have the freedom to make mistakes. And when we fail, we actually engage in a really rich space of learning.

Failure is one of AIME’s 18 values (as shown above). It can easily be spotted throughout Tutor Squads, Factory Days and staff IMAGI-NATION{Weekly} catch-ups. 

Each week we will be bringing you stories of failure from around the world and encourage you all to submit your own experiences. Together we can celebrate failure and connect these gifts in unlikely ways toward a fairer world!

Failure Time with Shyaka

My name is Shyaka Farid Lwanyaaga from Kampala, Uganda. AIME Founder and CEO Jack Manning Bancroft recently presented me with an opportunity to reflect on failure time! I hope you enjoy my writing and that it helps you to see failure as a gift.

In 2017, I landed an opportunity as one of the AIME Golden Ticket Winners. They decided to share a mentoring model that was designed to alleviate educational inequality. I had just decided to go back to University after dropping out six times because I wanted to be a health educator in my community. This was a way to solve what I thought was one of the biggest contributors of unwanted outcomes for people with backgrounds like mine. 

Growing up in one of Kampala’s largest slums and poorest neighbourhoods, my experience taught me that keeping healthy and avoiding sickness would solve the problem of access to health care and inability to afford health care. This helped me attend University to study public health so I could teach my people how to keep healthy, thus solving the difficulties that come with falling sick.

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