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So, you’re maybe thinking about changing jobs, you’ve been tempted by the great resignation, COVID-19 has forced deep reflection, one thing is for clear, it’s time for a change for you. Or you’re an employer thinking about imaginative ways to keep your top employees from jumping ship.

We think life doesn’t have to operate in extremes, we love the grey space, and since we began we’ve been fascinated by Hoodie Economics, how we can build more highways of exchange around time, knowledge and opportunities, where the $ is not central to all of our decisions

At AIME we love being the bridge, between those inside and outside the margins, between the logic that confirms what we know and the imagination that thrusts us beyond tomorrow, between capital profit and overall human and mumma earth profit.

And we are stoked to enter this moment focusing on a practical solution.


For employers or employees, ping us a note if you want to spend some of your time with us next year as we:

  • Run the 2nd year of IMAGI-NATION{University} – where we train people to become mentors and get to work mentoring young people. A University that fuels imagination and focuses the resources of our students with action-based degrees to solve a societal challenge – educational inequity.
  • Digitise the bridge-building we’ve done since 05 into our own social network for good, into our own Mentorverse.
  • Delivery digital mentoring to young people through IMAGI-TV and Making of a Hoodie Podcast.
  • Spin up our 300+ mentor lessons into a Mentorclass for all teachers to bring mentoring into the classroom.
  • Keep pushing AIME Apparel to build the world’s most meaningful hoodie and make mentors the 21st-century celebrity and keep role model a world of fashion for good.
  • Bring mentors into the home via longer-form stories – next year we go to the next level with our Puppets, to create a TV show for 16-24 year olds to bring mentors into the home every day, inspired by Henson and co, we are building our own hill after Sesame Street has shown itself to be one of the most cost-effective interventions in the education of the last century.

So we’ve got a fun playground – internally we’ve built our organisation around frames of mycelium, and Indigenous circular models of communication, we’ve decentralised and embraced teal thinking, we’ve got staff across the world, and a wonderful mixture of minds from all walks of life.

We love emergent design at AIME, not trying to make things perfect, just getting active and getting on with it. So here’s the vibe. If you have skills in any of the below areas and would love to spend One Month, Three months, or Six Months with us. Then forward this email to your boss and ping us a note to and let’s make the best of both worlds as we head into 2022. Employers if you wanna contact us direct that’s all g too – same email as above.

Here’s the playgrounds for Secondment City.

  • Graphic Design – spin up our world of imagination
  • Video Editors – edit Mentor Class and digitise our mentoring curriculum for the world
  • Project Managers – help shepherd this mentorverse into reality
  • Writers – work with our founder and other writers to build curriculum, work on the professors, let your imagination fly.
  • University Staff Ambassadors – work on campus to establish or support AIME in your university.
  • Negotiators – If you love making deals, come work in our partnering team and build bridges with wonderful organisations across the world
  • HR – Hang out with our wonderful people
  • Legal – work across the world, work with university students to establish student chapters
  • Executive leadership – come and hang out and show how we finish what we start
  • Finance – crunch some numbers
  • US Foundation – come and help us drive our newly founded US foundation to help America share it’s wealth with the world
  • Communications – if you can whip up a yarn – we’d love to kick it with you
  • Pitching – Can you shape a deck, build a frame around an idea, make the complex simple and complex, and turn ideas into reality? Come and hang

That’s a few playgrounds – if you reckon you’ve got skills beyond this we are always keeping our imagination open.
Apps for Secondment City open from now (22 November to December 15).

Good vibes.

The AIME Team

+ Web design – Big playground we know – anyone who has engineering/coding skills, can play with Salesforce, or Airtable, can design apps… basically here are some of the playgrounds – build the next social network – this time for good… work on the platform that houses a university, work on our Mentorclass which we think has as much potential as khan academy or masterclass. Play with our shop to make it soulful, and have grace and joy, and heart, and speed… make our website keep evolving and have lived in it… work out a way we can automate part of our impact measurement to build a real-time wonderland – if you have worked with Tableau or others in data visualisation that would be ace.

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