The power of poetry: capturing a connection to the land

Howdy world!

We wanted to do something a little different for you in this week’s Sunday Kindness so we’ll be sharing a special moment from within our team.

Each Friday, we host an AIME family meeting where we come together to share stories, celebrate our achievements, reflect, express our gratitude for one another, and… rap (yes, rap!).

This week’s words, by Parul Punjabi Jagdish, alongside Steph Beck’s live-generated digital art piece (which we have converted into a GIF) were particularly special. Enjoy!


By Parul Punjabi Jagdish

In the dreary desert down under, long forgotten by humanity,

There stood a lone Acacia tree, gentle yet strong, free of all vanity:

Upon this solitary tree, shooting forth from the dark depths of Mother Earth,

There crept a silky pear vine, majestically growing, assured in its worth.

Despite the harshness of its surroundings and heedless of the scorching Sun,

It grew and grew: defiant, self-reliant, a symbol for all, the unifying One.

Each leaf of its vine was steeped in thousands and thousands of years of history –

And slowly but surely the pear ripened, each day a wonder, each moment a mystery.

And the new inhabitants of the land wanted the pear dead, but that was not to be;

For the Karlkurla, as the Wangai people named it, was like the wind, eternally free.

It joyously gave of its fruit, and leaf and stem and root, to the children of the first sunrise:

And thus the children grew, despite massacres, despite disease and despite demise.

Over fifteen years, the spirit of these people and this silky pear matured, in unity,

And the fruits of the people and the land bore seeds, expressing their infinite diversity;

Then the seeds took flight – powered by imagination, sprouting wings like feather:

And each new place they landed, they germinated, varying according to the weather.

Though these plants all looked very unusual in the different corners of the World:

They were yet, one and the same, for deep within their hearts, lusciously unfurled,

It was the same Life, beating in them, breathed into them all, from a singular source.

And the self-same spark ignited their rebellions all, illuminating each of their cores.

They all stood together, though millions of miles apart, united in their mission

As to create a fairer world for all, based on knowledge supreme, was their only vision.

And they cared for each other, and all those around them, be they friend or enemy;

So they inspired others to care, and to act based on this care, crafting a new policy –

Of kindness and togetherness, and bit by bit, the balance of the powers to be, started shifting,

As all people joined hands and became one, like tiny drops unite as one mighty Ocean drifting.

And thus arrived the revolution of all people, moulding a Universally connected community –

Leaving in its wake, a roadmap of change for all times, birthed from dreamtime into reality.

This as ye all know, dear friends, is the global growth journey of AIME and its timeless legacy,

Crafted by a young black fella named Jack, and captured here poetically by artists, Parul & Stephani.

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Parul Punjabi Jagdish

16th June 2019

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