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Hi, I’m Solli and I’m 13. I am a poet, international published author, activist, motivational speaker, and, youth ambassador. Kindness to me, is the role of not only helping others when you see that they need help, but the action of helping the environment as well.

I’m really passionate in writing about global issues that I feel the everyday person is passionate about too. Most of this passion and motivation comes from how big businesses, educational systems, online gaming platforms and governments all lack environmental action and awareness, leadership skills, societal compassion, and basic kindness.

When I was 12-years-old, I won the national Australian Poetry Slam competition titling me the youngest ever winner in an all adult event. Winning that was surreal because I didn’t see it coming and I literally only entered because I was just doing what I loved doing – writing and raising awareness for the environment and humanity.

My motivation to increase both the awareness of environmental issues like climate change and the war on waste, as well as the importance of kindness is what drives me to write more and more poetry and books. I just want to be a part of the ‘let’s all help this world’ movement!

One of my original quotes is: “the future needs YOU and ME to create EQUALITY across all levels of HUMANITY.” I wrote this quote from my dream of creating more kindness in areas that lack a compassionate environment and where people are suffering as a result – like the kids of Nauru or the homeless in developed countries like Australia.

I believe that kindness is extremely important (vital) for bettering our future and I believe that we all need to be more kind. I believe that it is an unkind act when role models like our world leaders and governments, and those on social media who seem to be self-absorbed, only take actions to help themselves or their small circles of interest.

The rippling effect of actions of kindness goes further than most of us could imagine. Our world really needs to up its game when it comes to actions of kindness. Imagine, if our richest people gave only 10% of their wealth to people and communities in need as a result of acting kindly? Or imagine if our national policies were developed based on real-life scenarios involving the thoughts, advice and facts from the people who suffer the most? I think the way to improve the future is to keep the reality real.

I believe that by being kind, we encourage others to be kind. Within my poetry, I try to be an advocate for kindness in all the lines that I write and on the many stages that I perform.

Kindly, Solli

Slamin’ Poet & Magic Maker 🌏

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