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My name is Agustin Di Gennaro. I was born and bred in Argentina, 1989 and this is a kindness story (Please excuse my English – it’s not my strength :)).

Growing up most people tried to tell me back home about “the others,” the people from that distant land the ones whom no one dares to meet and this story repeats itself all over again whether the Indian’s said about Pakistani’s or Ugandan’s about the Sudanese. This sort of gossip talk has become a kind of superstition on a daily basis for me, no exception is a general rule for my life. I much rather discover things and places or individuals by myself than condition my perception of them just because of someone else’s opinion. It seems to me that some people around, and also my TV, radio or even that politic propaganda every four years kind of thing is trying really hard to convince me that the world is filled with violence, crime and horrible creatures.

So, I doubted myself. Is my country, my city and my town out of control? Since when?

I was a bit confused about what is this capacity of being good and kind? Is it something we inherit from our ancestors or kin? Is it actually an ability that we can improve and shape? I sailed away on the hunt for my own answers…

I adopted the idea of taking photography of these acts and situations in which people are showing their greatness and their other remarkable values are displayed. Sometimes, not even words are needed, the picture talks by itself. Using this way, I realized that I could share more about some experiences and facts I appreciate from other humans.

I wish you no confusion at all, not trying to deny facts and affairs from our civilization which has committed some of the cruellest acts to this planet as a whole in our entire in history. That belongs to the past now, we are living in the greenest period of our era, we humans somehow slowly but surely entered in the process of learning how to coexist with each other.

Challenging the voices around my head, I would like to make a statement of honour in here: I will be perseverant and continue until my days are gone with this incredible search for love and magic, the one I found long time ago in a humble house on the outskirts of a city. The one I find everyday of my life. Thanks to all you magic people. Practice the goodness in your heart.

Some incredible human beings taught me my first experience away from home, and this printed a picture of kindness in my head. A picture I could never forget, a picture that motivates me from the very beginning in my hardest days when I got really disappointed by somebody on the road. It makes me trust the unknown and dare to explore more about a person not only surfaces and appearances.

And so on, I spent a few years now thinking that I was going to dangerous places as people said but I found no criminals, rapists or thieves walking around town or even in that dodgy country everybody talks about…nothing.

Don’t be fooled and blinded by the sorrows, go get your own impressions and experiences out there.

Kindly, Gus

Amigo, Globetrotter and Magic Maker🌎💫

Gus’ adventurous magic can be found here… https://pablo-mariachi-pjwg.sq…

“I will be perseverant and continue until my days are gone with this incredible search for love and magic…The one I find everyday of my life. ” Supplied: Globetrotter, Instagram
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