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Content Starts Into 2020 and beyond: the AIME rocket ship takes off on a journey to create a fairer world

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A new year, new energies, new horizons.

We’ve taken some time to get our world in order and we’ve started the new year boosted and ready to create a fairer world. We have a vision for the next three years and this is how we’ll do it: together.

What’s the vision?

Achieving educational parity and beyond. Unlocking mindsets. Accelerating change and entrepreneurship.

We’re looking at three pathways to getting this done:

  1. Deliver a world class AIME experience for 6,500 Indigenous kids and 2,000 university students in Australia.

We want to see educational parity, permanent shifts in mindsets and more entrepreneurial actions among Indigenous kids.

We are giving privilege a purpose when university students volunteer as mentors in the program, and we’ll be measuring the shift in their attitudes and behaviours too.

They are the decision-makers of the future; we want them on our side.

  1. Test the ability of our 15-year old Imagination Curriculum and our mentoring methodology to create impactful change for all marginalised kids.

Over the next three years, two former AIME mentees, Rhian Miller and Drew Paten, will be leading a global pilot of the AIME program in six countries:

  • Australia (the African-Australian program in Melbourne)
  • Nigeria
  • South Africa
  • Uganda
  • USA
  • Zimbabwe

We’ll be tracking and analysing comparative numbers on school attendance, year-on-year progression, completion, and transition into university, jobs or further training.

We’ll be measuring attitude and behaviour changes towards marginalised kids among teachers, school management and in the overall school climate.

And we’ll be mobilising leaders in government, commerce and civil society to act in favour of marginalised youth.

  1. Piloting the Imagination Curriculum and our mentoring methodology in partnership with NGOs and schools directly. We are opening AIME up. We want to share our magic to transform the education system in Australia and around the world so kids aren’t silenced in school.

We are inviting schools and education departments to commence pilots of our Imagination Curriculum directly in schools, with teachers taking on the role of the university students and becoming mentors.

We are also offering our Imagination Curriculum and mentoring methodology to NGOs working with marginalised youth, and we’re excited to let you know that this is being piloted right now in Washington DC with the GOOD crew.

That’s the big picture.

Now we’ve launched the AIME rocket ship, let’s take a moment to zoom in on some of the highlights you can look forward to in 2020:

  • February. First-ever programs kick off in the USA across 10 universities.
  • March. High school kids across the world rise up as Imagination Ambassadors to take on a 100-day challenge: to use imagination to create a fairer world and show everybody they aren’t a problem to be fixed; they are the solution if given the stage to shine.
  • March. Mentor recruitment begins in Australian and African universities for the 2020 season.
  • July 10. Hoodie Day 10th birthday.
  • October. The launch of something momentous and hugely exciting in Dubai and Australia. We’re still working out the details so we can’t give too much away yet, but it’s something that will power our rocket ship by allowing our design team to flip AIME’s Imagination Curriculum and mentoring methodology inside out so it’s available to every school in Australia and in turn around the world. That will give AIME and all of us a very real chance to reach the 160,000 Indigenous kids in schools across Australia and work towards seeing a day in our lifetime where Indigenous educational inequality is ended.
  • And at points throughout the year, there’ll be Hero Hoodies, a ReclAIMED fashion event in NYC, an ‘old school’ print magazine launching at the end of the year… and rumour has it a Social Network for Good may be rolling out too.

Strap in. It’s going to be an awesome ride.

Yours in Imagination,

Jack Manning Bancroft, AIME CEO & Founder

P.S.: Here are some pics of some of our team at work in 2020


24 January 2020 – Moore Park, NSW – AIME staff pose for a family photo. Image: AFTRS.
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