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My name is Pej. I run a cafe around the corner from AIME’s office in Redfern called Hunter’s Corner and I believe in kindness.

I believe random acts of kindness happen every single day. It’s not always a huge gesture but more in the smaller details – a compliment or a smile. It could be as little as someone offering to help me out when I’m feeling down and giving me 10 minutes of their time so I can have a chat with them.

Kindness costs nothing – other than your time which is more valuable than anything else. Such a simple act can make a huge difference for someone’s week, month or year.

Some of the biggest impacts of human connection I’ve witnessed have been on my travels, volunteering in places like Vanuatu. We would assist the village by walking for 9 hours, carrying 20kg bags of rice because there were no vehicle accessible roads. Or visiting a community and installing solar panels and helping to get running water into the village.

Such small things changed the lives of so many. I genuinely believe small acts create big impact. That’s why I’m helping to kick off a challenge for the month of June, with AIME.

AIME has been delivering kindness through mentoring for 14 years.

As a gift, they have released a Book of Kindness with tales of human generosity from 2017 and are offering the chance for cafes to inspire kids to keep rising out of inequality with the most critical currency on planet earth, kindness.

Participating cafes will have their store name, location & quote about kindness sent to 100,000 people around Aus in Sunday Kindness next week, May 27th.

To get involved, cafe’s like mine simply put their hand up to:

  1. Buy a $30 copy of AIME’s kindness book below to display in the cafe.
  2. Once you’ve purchased the book, fill out the form so AIME can include you in next week’s Sunday Kindness.
  3. For the month of June reward every customer that comes in with a receipt of purchase of the book with a free coffee.

So if you believe in kindness too, whether you run a cafe or you want a free coffee, grab a copy of the book below and let’s create a big impact, together.

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Coffee King & Magic Maker ✨ Hunter’s Corner
A Year of Kindness from AIME – 2017 /// AU$30.00

Already purchased a copy of the book and want to take part in the challenge? Fill out this form and spread some kindness with us 😊✌️


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