Heartbeat of humanity: the power of women

Teisha Cloos discusses the hard-core kindness of being a woman; continuing celebrations from International Women’s Day on Friday, 8 March.

I could sit here and talk about the woman I am becoming and who I am, but none of these words would be finding a page if it wasn’t for the woman who gave me life: Tracy Stih, my Croatian-Australian queen, I thank you. You were my age; 23 when you were a single mother of two and you put your goals aside for me and my brother and you set some new ones which were to give me and Tyson the best life possible, you have achieved that.

I have been raised with two single parents who lived in completely different regions of New South Wales, and my mum always put me and my brother first despite not being in a relationship with my dad. She used to say “we met to have you kids and now he is my best friend.” I have seen strength through her so I thought there was no other way to be as a woman! She taught me that I don’t need makeup to be beautiful, that I don’t need to dress to impress anyone else.

But most importantly, she told me that my brain is my most powerful asset.

PHOTO: Teisha at her university graduation supported by her mum (left).

I think we can all sit and reflect on the reality that we are just one chapter of a long line of ancestors. We were birthed into this world by women, carried and developed in the womb of a woman. We are the portal between two dimensions, between life and death.

What has kindness as a woman taught me? What has kindness from my parents taught me? Kindness is key to connection.

Women are powerful. And as I have grown into a woman, I have also learned how powerful I can be with supportive and caring men around me. My dad and my brother and prime examples of men who know how to walk alongside powerful women. I am grateful and thankful to have my brother, as he carries on my dad’s legacy, into the family he is now creating.

Do things from the bottom of your heart and seek no reward besides the pure fact that you could be building another person up. Let’s walk together queens and kings and always remember our life is short so fill it with kindness.

Teisha Cloos

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