AIME Mentors fire relief support

AIME Friends,

Brutal fires rage across Australia.

Families and communities have been devastated. They’ve lost everything, or almost everything: pictures of family picnics, favourite sweaters and lucky socks; all the food they had bought for the holidays, the teddy bear they’ve had all their lives; the cosy little beds where their children dream at night; the last silver teaspoon from grandma… Mementos, memories and personal treasures. They’re all gone. Nothing’s left.

Fires have been raging across parts of Australia since September 2019. Image: Mirage News Twitter feed.

Each of us has someone we know, someone we care about, someone we love who is affected. We cannot stand and watch while families and communities try to survive and overcome this.

AIME wants to help, in all the places we work, and beyond; with people we know, and those we are yet to meet. We are gathering a group of at least 100 volunteers to help local organisations that need a hand providing shelter, food, clothing, care and support to those who need it.

We are calling on you – AIME mentors, past and present, and anyone in the AIME network – to support the victims of fires across our country by:

  • Volunteering your time to be a one-off AIME mentor, from today until the end of March, working alongside organisations and people helping those affected by the fires.
  • Buying our limited edition t-shirt and supporting the Rural Fire Service to fight the fires.
29 August 2019 – Batemans Bay, New South Wales – A mentor works with mentees at an AIME program day at the University of Wollongong. Photo: Jake Trindorfer.

AIME works in schools and communities that have been ravaged by fires in:

  • Bega
  • Batemans
  • Shoalhaven
  • Gippsland
  • Kalgoorlie

We are asking you to be there, and to help us to help organisations and people rebuild homes, restock shelves, and restore their lives.

As a one-off mentor, you will support our Program Managers in these areas to reach out to local organisations, schools, and people rebuilding homes. Apply through the AIME website, let us know when you are free over the next two months and how many hours you can commit, and we will aim to connect you with the organisations that need you.

And by buying the tee below, you will be supporting the RFS to fight the fires and keep families and communities safe.

We cannot ignore the realities of climate change and the effects it’s having on our lives, no matter what the politics. The situation demands more, and what leaders say and do today will define if they are suitable for what’s to come.

We believe. We imagine. We do.

Yours in unity,

Jack Manning Bancroft, AIME Founder & CEO
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Want to help in other ways? Check out the list of other things you can do at the end of this article.


By purchasing this tee you are helping support the RFS to fight the fires and keep families and communities safe.

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