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Content Starts Sunday Kindness Is Back (Kindness Hoodies)

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Stories of good humans creating a fairer world.

Hey there šŸ‘‹šŸ¾
You gotĀ 2 mins to see how we spread some kindnessĀ together?

AIME is bringing back Sunday Kindness. 

We are designing Kindness Hoodies to inspire as much kindness as possible.

The hoodies will be worn by a kind group of people each week who then pass them on to someone else, and so it carries on for one year. They can be sent to anyone around the world, or someone next door (we are letting go of order and planning for this one) – kindness will show us the way!

A crew of our friends will kick us off to demonstrate how one week of kindness is possible, is worth it, and is what the world needs right now.

They’ll document it in a diary.

Then pass on the Hoodie and the diary.

Each week we’ll share their stories via Sunday Kindness (in this email list and soon to be on our website).

Over 365 days.

At the end of the 365 days we’ll publish the diary entries as a magazine & make a collage hoodie inspired by the tales of human kindness.

Next week, we’ll reveal the first crew to take on the Kindness Hoodie challenge.

ANDĀ show you theĀ Kindness Hoodie Design.

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