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Content Starts MAKING OF A (Hero) HOODIE – Dapto

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The Making of a Hoodie podcast puts high schools and everyone that makes up the school ecosystem on a stage, to tell their story both through the podcast and through the custom hoodie that is designed as part of the process.

The underlying message is to show that these students are not the problem they are the solution. We want the school and students to be sharing their stories from their perspectives. We want to bring the world into these local schools and give the students and teachers the stage.

The hoodie is the symbol of AIME so alongside each episode a limited edition hoodie will be released which is designed and produced to symbolise the school and students and the area featured in the episode.

A few weeks ago Jack Manning Bancroft (AIME Founder and Head of Design) and Dan Single (AIME’s Creative Director) dropped into Dapto High.

Check out what went down below 👇🏽

“I’d love to see the other Aboriginal students step up and take on these big roles because I know they all can do it” – Charley Kennedy, The First Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander school captain in the school’s history.

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