10th AIME Hoodie Day

16 Years. One Dream. Equality. 25000 kids. 5000+ Volunteer Mentors. 6 Countries. Hundreds of thousands of people coming together to re-imagine, re-create and re-design tomorrow’s fairer world and kick educational disadvantage to the curb, free our minds from the demons that plague our ability to see the best in each other, and giving the stage for the millions of kids across our earth’s surface screaming for a shattering of established paradigms and demanding not to be looked at as a problem to fix, but to given the stage to be the solution. 

Tomorrow. We Imagine the next 10 years. Wear your Hoodie proudly. Stop people in the streets wearing a Hoodie and have a conversation. AIME was dreamed up as a bridge between people, the Hoodie has since become the physical manifestation of that bridge. Let’s keep moving together. 

Thank you to everyone who has imagined and worked their butts off at different stages to fuel the bullet train rocket ship that is AIME.