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Content Starts Cut-Copy-Paste – Some Of The Good Stuff From Last Week On IN{TV}

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“Last week we reflected on Hope, dancing from one of the Australian School strike leaders Daisy Jeffrey who reflected on the necessity for hope to be linked with action to have cut through, on to journalist Stan Grant who cautioned on the danger of hope & then reflected on radical hope as an idea – we dance through to the youngsters segments where we heard speeches the Preident of IMAGI-NATION & launched the first edition of Being Brave in the times of COVID-19 – video diary entries from kids around the world to each other. On Wednesday the design show brought in Jonathan ZawadaJacuzzi Angelina Arora who for her work with Prawn Shells to replace plastic we gave her the Future Hope Design award last week. This weeks Hope Design award winners are in this email with a shoutout to May Lin for the lifetime achievement award & Egypt “Ify” Ufele for the Future Award. On Thursday Damon Gameau urged us to bring hope from the shadows in his Cancelled not Cancelled keynote in partnership with the Grounded Festival – we may now be making a Seaweed Hoodie to support 2040‘s work to help build Seaweed farms around the world to pull carbon from the atmosphere. And finally on Friday for our Artists show for the 25 minute creation challenge we welcomed Chef Monty Koludrovic & Ceramicist Sloane Angell. Sloane taught us that Clay has it’s own time & Monty encouraged us to make “ugly delicious” food & explore all the ingredients mashed up in a meal. Our musicians where the powerful Shellie Morris who sang of Hope, Elana Stone who encouraged us to bring down those walls, and Tamahau who brought light into our Friday’s.

This week we are exploring Trust & have just wrapped today’s show featuring Wayne BlairMargaret ZhangDr Phil Jauncey & Sherice Jackson.

It’s an honour to work on this show as we look to bring a mentor into every kids life every day – take this email and CUT COPY PASTE & let’s keep making sense of today to imagine tomorrow.”

Jack Manning Bancroft
IN{TV} EP & Host, AIME CEO & Founder

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Stan Grant, Jordan Watson, Daisy Jeffrey Reflect on what Hope means to them and share some words of inspiration.
Click here for a 60 second highlight reel on the Thinkers episode 6

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Philip Derouen, Tia Rassmussen-Basten and Knate Kellermeyer are the future Presidents of IMAGI-NATION! Hear the youngsters tell you why.
Click here for a 60 second highlight reel on the Youngsters episode 7

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Angelina Arora, Jabari Jacuzzi, Jonathan Zawada, come together to combine three worlds of design.

Click here for a 60 second highlight reel on the Designers episode 8

Click here for Q&A with Angelina Arora 

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Damon Gameau talks about hope and shares some inspiration on his journey for hope, on our cancelled not cancelled segment.
Click here for a 60 second highlight reel on the Keynote episode 9

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Tamahau, Sloane Angell and Monty Koludrovic face our 25 minute creation challenge and then share their masterpieces. 
Click here for a 60 second highlight reel on the Artists episode 10

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The Imagi-Nation Hoodie – powering the AIME rocketship from Uganda to South Africa, from Australia to the USA and from Nigeria to Zimbabwe, and helping us put a mentor in the home every day through IMAGI-NATION{TV}.

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