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Content Starts Cut-Copy-Paste – Some Of The Good Stuff From Last Week On IN{TV}

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Q&A with…

At just 22, Rhian leads the global pilot of AIME’s program across five countries, co-designs the program, and is in charge of US partnerships.

How does it feel to be director of a global organisation at 22?

It comes with its challenges but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Every day, my job is different, complex, exciting, and I’m constantly operating out of my comfort zone. I have learnt to ride the wave of the diverse feelings that come with my role, the good and the bad, because on the other side I know are immense learning opportunities.

What do you love best about your job?

I love meeting kids all around the world that want to lead and create change.

What’s a pop-up Imagination Factory? And where do you get the design ideas?

A pop-up Imagination Factory is the most remarkable experience we have to date for our mentees. It allows magic to build and change to be amplified. On pop-up days, we peel back the layers of the mentees’ minds and hearts so that they are as open as possible to the transformational learning opportunities. From the moment kids step into the Imagination Factory, they become a different person; they leave the world that tells them they can’t, and walk towards the world that tells them they can. We’ve borrowed ideas from Broadway, the red carpet, and 60,000+ years of Aboriginal culture, the oldest continuous culture in the world, and merged them with imagination.

You recently visited Meow Wolf where they create fantastical art experiences. How would you describe it?

Imaginative. Immersive storytelling. Dreamscape playground. Choose your own adventure. Colourful. Psychedelic.

Rhian was one of our guests on our Designers segment. Watch it here

Quotes of the week

Derek Bland, Stephani Beck and Adam Spencer design an imagination programme for kids in 2 minutes.

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Sharon Kakuba is a future President of IMAGI-NATION. Here’s her rallying cry for our world tomorrow.

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Young Artists of the Week

Jordan Smith

What does art mean to you?

Art is an expression of my imagination and the things that happen. It’s my outlet and how I can show everyone what I’m thinking or feeling at that time. This one took me about 20 minutes. The story behind it is I was in a really dark time and I felt really alone even though I had people around me. I just felt so lost. But I know now that even when you’re feeling like you’re lost and you’re in a dark time, you’re going to be ok. It feels like there’s nothing you can do but I promise you, it will be ok.

Olivia Anderson

What does art mean to you?

I started making art because I do a lot of sports and I ended up getting injured with stress fractures in my back. So I ended up turning to art as a way to spend my time. I like to tell my stories in a visual way, not so much verbally. I love art; it’s the way to express me.

What was it like to have your art turned into an AIME shirt?

It was so amazing. Some of my friends wear it. It’s worldwide, just everywhere. It makes me feel heard. My stories have now been given to other people and they can learn from it as well as myself. 

What would be your message to people who say “I’m not an artist”?

Just get the pen out, have a little scribble. It might turn into something amazing like this one. This one, I was just at the bottom of a hill, doing some drawing on a piece of paper and that’s what came out of it, so just give it a go.


Randy Feltface would like to have a dog, but not just any dog. What exactly is he after?

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Jodee and Shân draw and paint, Ben and Nat sing, Tommy dances. Check it out.

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The week in numbers

The first week of IMAGI-NATION {TV} featured viewers aged 2 to 72 from at least 12 countries (Australia + Canada +  Germany + India + Kenya + Mexico + New Zealand + Nigeria + South Africa + Uganda + UK + USA), plus:

The Imagi-Nation Hoodie – powering the AIME rocketship from Uganda to South Africa, from Australia to the USA and from Nigeria to Zimbabwe, and helping us put a mentor in the home every day through IMAGI-NATION{TV}.


“We founded IMAGI-NATION {TV} to meet the challenge of isolation when COVID-19 struck. Our goal is to have a mentor a day in every kids life. Our pursuit is to elevate knowledge – every guest we bring on knows something – they have wisdom to share. This show is not about entertainment to pass the time. We want to remake the mould for the modern hero – from beauty to brains, from selfies to self knowledge, from hashtags to hope. IMAGI-NATION {TV} is surging to unlock the best in every single one of us, to release a generation of heroes in the form of mentors who fight for a fairer world.”

Jack Manning Bancroft
AIME CEO & Founder, IMAGI-NATION {TV} Founder
Sunday 22 March, 2020

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