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Content Starts On IN{TV} – Stan Grant, Jonathan Zawada, Shellie Morris & More!

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How are you feeling about your speech as the President of Imagi-Nation on Tuesday?

Excited! My dream in life is to become one of the best role models and leaders this world has ever seen!

One sentence of advice to kids out there who want to be the President of Imagi-Nation one day.

Anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it!

Favourite word?




The Imagi-Nation Hoodie – powering the AIME rocketship from Uganda to South Africa, from Australia to the USA and from Nigeria to Zimbabwe & helping us put a mentor in the home every day through IMAGI-NATION{TV}

“We founded IMAGI-NATION {TV} to meet the challenge of isolation when COVID-19 struck. Our goal is to have a mentor a day in every kids life. Our pursuit is to elevate knowledge – every guest we bring on knows something – they have wisdom to share. This show is not about entertainment to pass the time. We want to remake the mould for the modern hero – from beauty to brains, from selfies to self knowledge, from hashtags to hope. IMAGI-NATION {TV} is surging to unlock the best in every single one of us, to release a generation of heroes in the form of mentors who fight for a fairer world.”

Jack Manning Bancroft
AIME CEO & Founder, IMAGI-NATION {TV} Founder
Sunday 22 March, 2020

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