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Content Starts IMAGI-NATION TV Launch

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Friends – update 👇

We are now set to announce that we will be launching a Monday-Friday daily mentoring TV show:


A chance for kids at home to have mentors in their lives daily to Make Sense of Today & Imagine Tomorrow.
The show will be broadcast live on YouTube (Still calling senior YouTube peeps to help us get this direct to kids across the world being left behind).

We will be starting on Monday 23rd March. This is a chance to come together, we’ll be broadcasting at 3.30pm AEST daily.

And here’s what you can expect on the show:

MONDAY: Thinkers.

World class teachers and knowledge holders, across our schools and universities and further abroad – Flick us a note if you want to be on the show.

TUESDAY: Youngsters

We’ll give the stage to kids in the program around the world to show that they are not the problem, they are the solution.

WEDNESDAY: Designers

Those building the world today and tomorrow – There’s no limits to what we believe is “design”. Flick us a note if you wanna be profiled or wanna suggest someone.

“Cancelled not Cancelled”

Giving the stage to our friends at festivals and conferences around the world to feature one of their keynote guests and have their work profiled.

FRIDAY: Artists

5 artists will take on a 25 minute challenge to create something from scratch.

From chefs to illustrators, claymation artists to puppeteers, set designers (hit us up if you wanna take on the artist challenge and have your creation profiled on our website afterwards)… AND… holding this session together will be musicians who will get the chance to perform a song. We are calling on sponsors to support artists and musicians who have been hit hard with cancelled tours and gigs.

Our CEO & Founder has put up $300 to sponsor the first songs next week.
Hit us up if you’re:

  • A Muso wanting to perform.
  • Someone wanting to sponsor a song.

2) Every Monday we’ll send out a wrap up with highlights from the week, short grabs and the knowledge that was downloaded.

3) If you want to be a content partner, distributor, publisher with us – let’s work together, we are also exploring paid partnerships that fit within our ethical guidelines to share messages and build out this show.

4) If you’d like to be a Mentor Ambassador with us and promote the show via your social media, hola – we wanna bring sense and perspective during tough times – let’s do it together (we don’t do influencers, we do mentors.) And you get to rock it with Tommy Franklin who is working with us producing IMAGI-NATION TV & kicking it with our Mentor Ambassadors.

SUBSCRIBE HERE for when it goes live next Monday

We will be pausing our physical delivery of the program in schools and universities until June 1 and focusing on the digital solution of our daily mentor TV show IMAGI-NATION TV (For current AIME School and university partners we’ve answered some Q’s in the footer of this mailout)

Let’s keep moving together!

Yours in Imagination,

Jack Manning Bancroft on behalf of the AIME Team

P.s. What does this mean for AIME school & university partners?

  1. We are here with you – we hope the clarity we provide will give you some space to make sense of this ever moving world. We have 16 years of experience engaging youth across the globe and are a solution to delivering awesome content. Our partnership will give you the chance, including to profile your teachers and knowledge holders, and will deliver meaningful mentoring to kids in their homes.
  2. In terms of our physical program delivery, we are in the hands of our global experts medically and will follow their lead. In the interim your partnership investment will go towards us producing the most meaningful mentoring TV show, for kids to have mentors and engaged minds, and for parents to have the support during this unprecedented time.

Better together ✌️

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