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The current study attempts to apply meta-discourse markers in abstract and discussion sections of articles written in . . . Did I lose you already? Honestly, I lost me.

Is that sleepy-time tea or what? But as they say, when you can’t stop the wave, you gotta learn to surf. So ol’ Barnacle
Blue here is gonna take a crack at flipping this real snoozer of an academic treatise into something more digestible.

What’d ya say? Let’s flow.

I gotta give it to you straight: academic babble’s for the penguins and I’m what you call a straight shooter– a grab- you-by-the-seat-of-your-surfboard kind of brewster, non- traditional, unorthodox, a real learner and listener.

But I didn’t just get this way. I was shaped by family, friends, mentors, and more. Ohana. And as a result, my story is complex and magical. Let’s back it up to the start.

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