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Content Starts It’s Hoodie Day 2019 + AIME Radio Launch

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Friends, it’s here!

Today is Hoodie Day, and we feel incredibly grateful to be carrying the voice of a generation of youngsters alongside you.

So slip on your AIME Hoodie and wear it with pride with the rest of the world, as we work to kick educational inequality to the curb, together.

It’s time to crank up the stereo and turn the dial to AIME radio!

We want to continue being the dream factory for kids right across the world. We want to continue to elevate the stories of youngsters. So on this year’s Hoodie Day (TODAY!), we are going to carry the voice of these kids with the launch of AIME Radio.

For our first episode we’re exploring dreams. The big, the crazy and the impossible dreams. And, to understand what dreams really are, we asked the experts – the kids themselves. You’ll get the chance to hear from 27 youngsters, aged between 5-9, from all over the world.

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