National Partners

The significant backing of our National Partners enables
AIME to reach kids across ten university sites in three states.
This support is crucial to increase school completion
rates for Indigenous kids across the country.

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Site Partners

Our Site Partners enable partnerships to be formed
with individual universities and regions. This gives
Indigenous high school kids in these regions
a higher chance of completing high school.

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University Partners

It is Universities' pioneering support for AIME that has
allowed us to grow and carry our message across three
states & numerous communities. Universities also provide
the mentors that are the crucial volunteer workforce in
making AIME cost effective, sustainable and effective.

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Community Partners

As well as contributing financially, Community Partners
offer AIME much needed in-kind support. Our Community
Partners support AIME's infrastructure as well as
specific projects and university sites.

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School Partners

Without the schools there would be no AIME.
The belief and support from participating
schools has reinforced our belief
that Indigenous means success.

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